Foam Cleaning Systems from FoamTech

Foam Cleaning Systems provide many additional benefits over traditional pure Chemical Water Washes
  • Improved Cleaning Quality
  • Lower Cleaning Costs
  • Ease Of Use
  • Environmental Benefits

Foam is generated by injecting chemical and air into a stream of water. As the foam expands the flow of water, the water volume can be reduced. Thus making a saving on water and chemical. This is good for the environment as there is less pollutants and it is also a saving in running costs.

The Foam is sprayed onto the surface that required cleaning. As the Foam is more stable there is less run off. The Foam also takes longer to dry, so the cleaning product can stay in contact with the surface to be cleaned for a longer time, allowing the product a greater reacton time and thus better cleaning results.

The Foam is more visible than a diluted chemical water mix so a better coverage is achieved. As the Foam clings to the surface there is less splash back thus making it more confortable for the operator.

The surface is rinsed in the normal way but as there is less volume of chemical the rinsing process is simpler and faster.

Most cleaning chemicals including some disinfectants and biocides can be used to create Foam in our Equipment.

Many types of Foam generating equipment can be supplied. These range from mains water powered, add on units for your existing pressure washer, automatic arch systems and self powered units.

Our Foam generating units are produced in the UK to the highest standards in our own manufacturing facility. Therefore systems can be tailored to your own needs.


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